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These companies were started as a result of my unrelenting passion for collecting and restoring John Deere lawn and  garden tractors.  The foundation of our operation can actually be traced back to my childhood...

When I was a young boy, I spent weekends and summers at my Grandma Pfeiffer's house, which was next door to my Uncle Arnold's farm.  When I wasn't working in Grandma's garden, I was hanging out at the farm.  I wasn't old enough to operate any of the big tractors, so Arnold started me out on a 112 and later a 212.  He would have me mow the lawn and do odd jobs around the farm.  As long as I was operating the garden tractor, I felt like I was a farmer.  Uncle Arnold would sometimes let me take the 212 over to Grandma's to use in our garden.  I began to think that maybe I needed a garden tractor of my own. 


How it all started....

My Uncle Dwight Pfeiffer giving me a ride on Uncle Arnold's brand new 112.

I had it all figured out.  I would save all the money I made from gleaning corn, selling Indian corn, growing soybeans on the corners of the fields, helping Uncle Arnold around the farm, collecting aluminum cans and mowing my great-grandfather "Pop's" yard.  I would take these combined savings and purchase my own garden tractor.


 Me mowing Uncle Arnold's lawn with his 212.

Night after night I would lie in bed and look over the John Deere garden tractor brochures that I picked up from Stephan's Implement.  The garden tractor I wanted was a model 400.  The necessary accessories would be a Cozy Cab, Brinly plow, disk, cultivator and a one-row planter.  I had also figured that with this new equipment I could increase the size of our garden.  When I wasn't working in the garden, I could mow Grandma Pfeiffer's and Pop's lawn.  It was a great plan!  The only flaw in this masterpiece idea was that I was never able to save up enough money to buy this garden tractor of my dreams.


Years later, during the summer of my junior year at Purdue University, I purchased a 1966 model 110 from my mother's neighbor.  After acquiring this lawn and garden tractor, I began to get a serious bug for collecting them.  Consequently, my collection now consists of around 100 lawn and garden tractors, many different attachments and a plethora of literature. 


Grandma is such a big help, she helps out in the office and also takes orders over the phone.  I'm so lucky to have her help and constant support.

One of the greatest joys to collecting is restoring what you have acquired.  When I began my first restoration project, I was disappointed to find out that many of the parts were no longer available or were not made to the original specs.  I made the assumption that I wasn't the only lawn and garden tractor collector having this problem.  This is what gave me the initiative to start HAPCO, Inc.  Our mission is to provide our customers with the most authentic reproduction John Deere lawn and garden tractor parts available.  By achieving this, we can help to ensure that your restoration projects will look showroom new.

While visiting our website, please take a look at the sample LAGT section.  This is a magazine we publish that is dedicated to keeping John Deere lawn and garden tractor collectors informed on historical information, upcoming events, collector profiles, show reviews, suppliers, and lawn and garden tractors and equipment for sale and many other items pertaining to this hobby.  You will reap a wealth of information when you subscribe to LAGT.

Thank you again for visiting our website.  I wish you great joy with this hobby!  

Brandon Pfeiffer




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